jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

Destroying Lorelei Lee

Lorelei is a stunning, all natural, bombshell that is no stranger to the world of bondage. I have worked with her on several occasions, and today we finally get to have her here, in all of her glory. I skip the warm up, the working up to the extreme, and jump right to the brutality of working this whore over the only way I know how.I put her in the most grueling bondage and watch her suffer. I move in and begin the torment, methodically taunting her perfect body with sadistic implements of pain. I use my hands, flogger, whips, and everything I can think of to turn her creamy white skin into a blistering red.Every scene intensifies her suffering. I make sure she is pushed harder than ever before, and held at the edge, wanting to tap out, but never doing so. She wants it to stop, but she is such a pain slut that she endures everything I throw at her, and cums like the whore she is. This is proven when she is suspended with a sybian tied between her legs and made to have uncontrollable orgasms.

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